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Tattoo Balm

Care for your skin while you care for your body artwork. Our hand made tattoo balm will brighten current tattoos while helping the skin under new tattoos to heal and stay soft. Each of our custom ingredients are made to help your skin:

Coconut Oil

  • Nature's gift to skin. Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.



  • Helps keep the moisture where it your skin!


Jojoba Oil:

  • Moisturizes while allowing your skin to breathe, helping it to heal more quickly!



  • Helps heal wounds and reduces pain.


Lavender Oil

  • A natural soothing pain reliever.

  • Helps prevent fading from the sun's rays.


Geranium oil:

  • Say goodbye to burning and itching. This oil helps to ease that.


Helichrysum Oil:

  • Not only does this oil provide anti-microbial protection, but it contains diketones to help help promote new skin growth.


Tea Tree Oil:

  • Has antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties in addition to helping skin stay supple and soft.

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