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About SCENTual Products

SCENTual Products is a young and thriving company that cares about people and the future of this world! We've created and continue to create new products that are all natural and that, we hope, will bring you joy, healing, happiness, and beauty. 

We want to improve your health while bringing you the satisfaction of knowing that you aren't being harmed by what you're using. Safe, natural, and environmentally friendly you can be certain that you'll be pampered by nature.

How our first product happened!

Christi Bankston
Orange and Clove photo

I love lip balm! I love how soft they make my lips feel. I love the scents and how uplifting they can be when I breathe them in.

For years, I used commercial lip balms. It didn't really matter to me what balms I used, just as long as I could have them on my lips.

As I matured, my tastes in lip balms changed. What I had loved before I suddenly found to be too waxy, or too oily, or too sticky. I was afraid that, perhaps, the perfect lip balm was nowhere to be found! So I told my husband my dilemma and he offered to help. He went to work trying different formulas and making three tubes at a time, would present them to me for approval.

He tried. He really did! None of those first trials, however, were any better than what I had found in the stores. I would tell him they were too sticky. He'd adjust the formula and try again. Too waxy.

He didn't give up and finally, after three months of trial and error, he came to me with his latest offering. A peppermint filled tube of delight! It was perfect. Fortunately, he kept the formula and started making 50 at a time. I picked a few other scents, and he was able to make them. My friends loved them as much as I did. Our natural lip balms grew in scent varieties and soon we had many to choose from. 

I added bath bombs. Then started experimenting with lotions and creams. Soaps looked fun. Candles were exciting. Wax melts were the next logical step. With my husband's help I've put together a nice variety of items that I hope you'll love as much as I do. Let me know what you think about our creations of love.


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