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How I came to make my first tube of lip balm!

Scentual Products is a young and thriving company that cares about people and the future of this world! I've created and continue to create new products that are all natural and that I hope will bring you joy, healing, happiness, and beauty. 

I want to improve your health while bringing you the satisfaction of knowing that you aren't being harmed by what you're using. Safe, natural, and environmentally friendly you can be certain that you'll be pampered by nature.

"I can't find an all natural lip balm that works..."

That is how it began. My wife, Christi, spoke these words and I set out to find a solution. I started with a basic lip balm formula and after a thumbs down, I commenced to researching the properties of oils, waxes and scents. I mixed and poured and tried again and again. "Too sticky..."  "Too soft..."

Finally, after three months of trial and error, I gave her a tube of peppermint. She tried it and smiled. "Perfect!" she said. (And peppermint has been her favorite ever since!) I expanded the formula from 3 tubes to 50 tubes and the results were the same. Still perfect.

I tried different scents and started handing them out to friends to see what they thought. Each time the reaction was the same. "Wow!" Although there was no taste, everyone swore that they could taste the amazing scents.

Now here we are a few years later and the demand for our all natural lip balm is growing. I'm so grateful that you love what I do! This is a joy for me to share with each of you and I hope to continue growing by offering you the best in skin care products. Bath bombs, salts, creams, scrubs, and more.

Before I ever started with skin care, I loved making soy wax based candles and would like to begin creating more of these for you as well.

It's my hope to continue to improve our lip balms for you and work on each new product until they are amazing before I let you try them. I hope that you'll write to me with your comments, ideas, and feedback. I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me at drew@scentualproducts.com. I will always respond!

Thanks for reading about our company and the journey that we're on. Hope to see you back again soon!


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