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Wax melts. Tarts. No matter what you call them. these littles rounds of wax can make your home smell amazing! Please check out ou scents and let us know id love to have your home smell like this!

Honey Lav 3.jpg

Stimulate, cleanse and energize your home and mind with this wonderful spray. Made with 2 sacred essential oils, you'll add a powerful additional protection to your anointing and sacred oils.Perfect for smudging, purification and clearing away negative energies.

Brighten your home with the scent of fresh honey and field lavender with Scnetuak Products new 4 oz candle. Made with yellow beeswax and soy wax and lightly scented with lavender essencial oil, not only will you feel relaxed from the gentle glow, but the lavender will take you away to a calm place. This candle burns approximately 20 hours. It's truly amazing and Scent-ual!

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