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Stuff for the House

Need a better-smelling house? Need the inside to have accented flair? Look no further than here!

wax melts photo

Wax melts. Tarts. No matter what you call them, these little squares of wax can make your home smell amazing! We feature six different scents to bring a little freshness to your home.

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Green Tea & Cucumber.jpg

Green Tea and Cucmber

citron and wild spices.jpg

Citron and Wild Spices

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Smokeless Smudge Spray

Smokeless Smudge Spray

Stimulate, cleanse and energize your home and mind with this wonderful spray. Made with 2 sacred essential oils, you'll add a powerful additional protection to your anointing and sacred oils.Perfect for smudging, purification and clearing away negative energies.

Mood Calming Spray

Ever had one of those days where even home feels chaotic? A few sprays of our Mood Calming Spray in your home will Naturally melt away the negative energies that might be present in your home. Our Mood Calming Spray is safe for pets and children and helps bring a calming sensation to your home—a bargain at only $16. Buy yours today!

mood calming spray
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